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HSK-3848 Free Standing Dish Rack

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HSK-3848 Free Standing Dish Rack Houss Dish Rack Kitchen

480(L) x 200(W) x 340(H)mm

Made from 304 stainless steel, suitable use at sink overhead space
Dish rack structure is sturdy, durable and do not rust
Smart organizer with space saving principle
Portable and easy to set up
Can detach for cleaning purpose
Come with cutting board holder and cutlery organizer
Fashionable look and match all kitchen design

An integral tool in dishwashing or dish storing, your dish rack requires a little of its own care and maintenance so it can keep your dishes clean and dry. Constantly in contact with dishwater, dishes, and kitchen tools in varying levels of cleanliness, dish racks can foster mildew and other stains. For tips on how to clean a dish rack (it’s easy!), follow the steps below.

How to Clean a Dish Rack

Cleaning a dish rack is a lot like cleaning a dish. There are four easy steps.


What You Will Need

Small scrub brush or toothbrush

Dish soap

Hot water



Step 1: Dismantle
Take your dish rack apart if possible, for easier cleaning.


Step 2: Scrub
Standing over your kitchen sink, wet your scrub brush or toothbrush with hot water, add a dab of dish soap, and gently scrub at stains to remove them. Make sure to scrub the entire rack thoroughly in addition to focusing on stains.


Step 3: Rinse
Make sure to rinse off all the soapy water and inspect your dish rack for spots you may have missed.


Step 4: Let Dry Completely
If your dish rack is metal, dry it off manually with an absorbent cloth or rag to prevent your clean dish rack from rusting. You can leave dish racks of other materials to dry in the sink or on a dish drying mat.


How to Spot-Clean a Dish Rack

If your dish drying rack has some hard-to-remove stains on it, try this method before following the basic cleaning instructions above. This method uses vinegar, which is a lot gentler than many store-bought disinfectants, including bleach.


What You Will Need

White vinegar

Sink basin or large bucket

Scrub brush



Step 1: Fill Your Basin with Hot Water & Vinegar
Fill your sink or large bucket with water and one cup of vinegar. There should be enough water to allow your dish rack to completely submerge.


Step 2: Submerge Your Dish Rack & Soak
Make sure the entire rack is submerged. You should let it soak in warm water for 15 minutes to half an hour


Step 3: Drain & Scrub
The vinegar should have dissolved the buildup on your rack enough for it to wipe away easily. Use your scrub brush to clean as usual according to the instructions above.


Step 4: Let It Dry
Let your dish rack dry completely before using it. If your dish rack is metal, dry it off with a cloth to prevent rust. Dish racks of other materials can be left in your sink or on a drying mat to dry.


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