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HS-9201 One Way Sliding Mirror Cabinet

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HS-9201 One Way Sliding Mirror Cabinet Houss Mirror Cabinet Bathroom

500 x 130 x 600mm

Expand the storage space. It is not that the mirror cabinet is a savior of small apartment, and it is not infamous. The mirror cabinet can store all kinds of toiletries, bottles and cans do not need to be messyly spread on the hand-washing table.
Don't worry about things being swept to the ground. All kinds of small things are stored in the mirror cabinet, which is actually safer, and will not be accidentally swiped and broken when washing!

How to choose mirror cabinet?
Distinguish the material: There are many materials for the bathroom mirror cabinet, including solid wood, stainless steel, glass, etc., according to the need to buy the corresponding material, such as: the bathroom is damp, do not choose solid wood.
Distinguishing function: Bathroom mirror cabinets have double door type, also sliding type, and single door type, according to the size of the wall, choose the function mode
Internal space: how much can be placed depends on the reasonable layout of the internal space, and different reasonable layouts can be selected according to the common bath products at home
Load-bearing: Since the bathroom mirror cabinet is hung on the wall, its load-bearing has certain requirements. Generally, manufacturers have stated how much they bear. Of course, consumers can also try it by hand or other tools on site, but this is also very useful for use important.

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