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Felice FS 230 Bidet Spray Set(Brass)

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Felice FS 230 Bidet Spray Set(Brass) Felice Bidet Bathroom


Made of SUS304 stainless steel. ­­­­­
Holder Pressure: 2KG 
Holder fits nearly every hand-held sprayer wand, bidet or shower head ­­­­­
Occasion: Toilet ­­­­­

No drilling, no tools – easy attachment and removal, Very easy to install ­­­­­
High-quality body, anti-cracking,anti-leakage, anti-aging. ­­­­­
Anti rust and durable usage. 
Solid 304 stainless steel material: durable and sturdy, exellent quality! ­­­­­

Elegant and practical. ­­­­­
Designed with the ergonomic handle, it is comfortable ­­­­­
It is very easy and convenient to install. ­­­­­
This water spray head can be used for washing, gardening, floor cleaning,pet showering, toilet flushing, fruits washing, etc

Can be used for washing, gardening, pet bathing, flushing toilets, washing fruits, etc.
Hand pressed button to release the water, uniform circular water holes to force more water in controlling.
Ergonomic handle designed,comfortable to grip without great effort.
Save much waters for your home.

How to Use a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer
Step 1. Locate and grab the bidet sprayer next to the toilet. Usually the sprayer will be sitting on a hook or holder that came with it.
Step 2. Open the shut-off valve to allow water to flow to the sprayer. Don't worry, the water won't start shooting automatically.
Step 3. The method of use for the hand held bidet becomes a personal choice. You should enter either through the rear of the seat or the front, depending on flexibility and comfort. Some females may spray through the front of the seat to effectively clean both the anal and genital regions simultaneously.
Step 4. Lightly squeeze the trigger on the nozzle to start spraying. You want to aim the sprayer at an angle, not only for the most effective cleaning but also to avoid any splash back from inside the toilet.
Note: It may take a few uses to learn the desired pressures and angles of the bidet sprayer before you get comfortable. Don't get discouraged after a couple of uses, give yourself time to get used to the bidet operation.
Step 5. Check cleanliness with toilet paper. After you are sure that you are clean simply dry off your nether regions using more toilet paper or a towel. Many people use toilet paper but some with sensitive skin may use a soft towel instead.

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