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Felice FLE A017 Pillar Tap Extention

Felice FLE A017 Pillar Tap Extention Felice Pillar Tap Extension Bathroom


The weak point in any rising spindle or non-rising taps is the washer. A sure sign that the washer needs replacing is water leaking from the spout. You can buy a specific hot or cold replacement washer, or a universal washer, for a few pence. If the water is leaking from top of the tap head when you turn it on, the O-ring or gland packing is at fault. Both jobs are very easy.

Taps fall into three main design categories, wall mounted taps are known as Bib Taps, those mounted directly onto the sink, basin or bath are called Pillar Taps, and finally there are Mixer Taps, which have a hot and cold valve linked to a single spout. By law, mains and stored water (hot water from your storage tank) cannot be mixed in a system. This means that all sinks have separate pipes to isolate hot from cold.

Traditionally, almost all taps used the Pillar design. These work by having a Rubber or Nylon (or leather) washer on a threaded pillar inside the body of the tap. When the tap was closed, the washer would sit on top of the water supply pipe. As the tap is unscrewed the whole pillar unscrews and rises with the washer, allowing the water to pass into the spout. Modern taps most often use a non-rising head. This means that while they work in almost the same way, the threaded pillar and washer rise without turning, reducing wear on the washer. The washers themselves have also evolved, with many modern taps (usually the more expensive brands) using precision ground ceramic discs. These have the advantage of very little wear and also do not suffer from limescale build up.

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