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Felice FLE 113 Stainless Steel Floor Grating

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Felice FLE 113 Stainless Steel Floor Grating Others

6'' x  6''

Gratings are common in industrial and commercial facilities and are used in production plants and on sidewalks where liquid or debris may be present. The increased tread of a floor grating helps to improve safety by preventing water buildup or allowing a walking surface to become slippery.
It is not uncommon for municipal and federal laws to require different types of facilities to use floor grating on walkways or in areas where there is a potential for fluid leakage.
To allow for airflow in a building, grating is often integrated into the ventilation system. Beyond functions such as these, grating can be used to provide shade, be a handrail support, act as decoration, or function as an ornamental screen.

Advantages of Floor Gratings
Floor gratings are an excellent addition to any flooring. Some of their many advantages include: slip resistance/better grip for factory vehicles and machinery (forklifts, palletizers, etc.), increased worker safety and more efficient work environments. Drainage grates in particular offer the advantages of: decreased occurrence of moisture-related bacteria growth, decreased risk of flooding, more efficient draining. In addition, floor grates are versatile and easy to customize.

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