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Felice FLE 110 Bottle Trap - Round Bottom

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Felice FLE 110 Bottle Trap - Round Bottom Others

1 1/4''
round bottom

The bottle trap is an essential element of the basin's plumbing that keeps the bathroom hygienic and odor-free. When we use the basin, the used water goes down the basin waste, into the drainage pipe, and then into the sewer, where a lot of other waste and dirt is accumulating.

How Does a Bottle Trap Work?
It is a vessel which has a bigger diameter than the plumbing pipe that comes from the basin. When water gushes down, this vessel fills with the new water. Thus, the trap always remains filled with a certain amount of water.

When the sewer gases waft up the system through the outlet pipes, they reach the bottle trap, but here they find their way sealed with the water that has collected in the trap. The passage remains closed and doesn’t allow the return waste and gases to enter.

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