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Felice FHD LH02 Hand Dryer

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Felice FHD LH02 Hand Dryer Felice Hand Dryer Bathroom

RM 4650.00
automatic sensor system

Help to quickly dry the wet hands in seconds.
It is in compact size for easy installation and operation.
Ideal for both professional salon use, public and home use.
Automatic property makes it smart and convenient to use.
After washing your hands, place your hands under the holes of the clothes dryer, suddenly a warm and comfortable wind is emitted, and your hands are quickly dried. When you place your hand on the end of the tumble dryer, it will close automatically.

Hand dryer is an electric machine which makes use of heating element and an air blower to dry the hands. It is commonly used in the public bathrooms as a cost-effective alternative to paper towels.
It may either operate with the push of a button or automatically using a sensor.

The hand dryer: how it works
It starts with sense

Much like the technology used in an automatic door, motion-sensors are an essential part of how hand dryers work. And – although they’re automatic – sensors work in quite a sophisticated way.
Emitting an invisible ray of infrared light, the sensor on a hand dryer is triggered when an object (in this case, your hands) moves into its path, bouncing the light back into the sensor. 

The hand dryer circuit comes to life
When the sensor detects the light bouncing back, it immediately sends an electrical signal via the hand dryer circuit to the hand dryer’s motor, telling it to initiate and draw power from the mains supply. 
Then it’s over to the hand dryer motor
How hand dryers work to remove excess moisture will depend on the model of dryer you use, but all dryers have two things in common: the hand dryer motor and the fan.
Older, more traditional models use the hand dryer motor to power the fan, which then blows air over a heating element and through a wide nozzle – this evaporates the water from the hands. However, due to its higher power consumption, this technology is becoming a thing of the past. 

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