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Felice FLE 614 Single Lever Washing Machine Tap

Felice FLE 614 Single Lever Washing Machine Tap Felice Washing Machine Tap Kitchen


Features of a washing machine tap
Very similar in appearance to a conventional plumbing tap, a washing machine tap is equipped with threaded inlet and outlet pipes to connect it to both the water supply and hose. Indispensable in any sanitary installation, this supply appliance is greatly appreciated for its practicality and ease of use.

Most washing machine taps are made of chrome-plated brass. Since these taps are is very rarely exposed to moisture, stainless steel is almost never used.

Washing machine taps are available with male fittings with 20 x 21 mm (with a 3/4'' washing machine feed) threading. Their water inlet pipe can also sometimes be a male fitting of 15 x 21 mm (1/2''). The size should be determined according to your specific installation.

Faucet head
They may be equipped with either a swivel handle or a twist knob. The first will eventually become difficult to use over time (corrosion, etc.).

How to install a washing machine faucet?

For the installation of a convential washing machine tap, it's simple enough:

1. Shut off the water supply;

2. Attach the end of the washing machine's water inlet pipe to the tap's threading;

3. Link the washing machine's connector to that of the tap (use teflon tape to ensure a tight seal).

The installation of a self-piercing faucet requires you to:

1. Clean the line pipe;

2. Loosen the pipe clamps so that it can be shifted away from the wall and remove the tap's connecting flanges;

3. Place the flanges on the chosen location and screw them in;

4. Line the tap up, in the closed position, so that it goes into the flange's threading and screw in to drill the pipe;

5. Tighten the lock nut with a flat wrench to ensure the tap is securely locked in;

6. Connect the tip of the appliance's supply hose to the tap's threading.

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